Why Wakao?


Fibre Rich

Easy & Delicious

Ready To

Whether it's late night hunger pang or quick meal for unexpected guest, our ready to cook package are at your disposal.


Jack is the new wonderfood, which is not only Healthy but also Sustainable.


Whether as mock meat or as a main ingredients, our Raw Jack can be main ingredients in any recipe of your own.

Jackfruit Meat –
Good for you.
Great for the planet

Jackfruit is one of the world’s lesser-known superfoods and our mission is to bring this delicious meat to you! so you can conveniently enjoy jackfruit and all its delicious benefits, ready to cook from the comfort of your own home. Curious to learn more about jackfruit? Click below to learn more.

When The Going
Gets Tough,
We Keep Giving

At Wakao we stand for a better tomorrow–one where humanity thrives. We’re committed to helping farmers and their welfare through our friends of farmers’ initiative. Every time you purchase one of our products it enables us to donate 1% of our sales proceeds to local farmers around India who are working to feed our country.

Awarded the BW Young Entrepreneur Award 2021

Awards at BW-Disrupt Young Entrepreneur
Awards at BW-Disrupt Young Entrepreneur