7 Jaw-Dropping Facts about Jackfruits: You Cannot Miss

7 Jaw-Dropping Facts about Jackfruits: You Cannot Miss

2.5 years ago, when we began our journey with Wakao, we had only one objective in mind. Make Brand Wakao synonymous with Jackfruit Meat. Over the years, we have successfully met this objective to a certain extent.

Be it featuring on Shark Tank India S1 or our founder getting invited as a guest on 60+ shows and events, our efforts to give jackfruit its due continues. Not just domestically but internationally too.

During this journey, we have collated interesting facts and fun trivia about jackfruits, something we would like to share with you all today. Let’s dive in.


Jaw-Dropping Facts about Jackfruits: You Cannot Miss

  • Interestingly, jackfruit is a tropical region fruit. For a long time, it was available only in the South and Southeast Asia belt. However, with time, it came to be produced in other tropical regions of the world too like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Brazil, Australia, and Africa too.


  • For a minute, go back to recollecting the end use of seeds present in other fruits. In most cases, they find a way into the trash.


  • The case with jackfruit seeds is different though. These seeds are packed with nutrients and are 100% edible. Boil or roast them. to find a starchy, nutty flavor that blends well with different dishes. A single jackfruit contains about 100 to 500 seeds.


  • The multi-purpose use of jackfruits does not end with its seeds being consumable. The core of the jackfruit tree has interesting uses too.


  • In some places, these are used as inputs in the manufacturing of ropes and textiles that are durable in nature.


  • You must know that the water content in jackfruits is about 80%. If you are looking for a hydration boost, it is helpful to munch on this water-rich fruit.


  • In terms of its life span, a jackfruit tree will definitely surprise you. On an average, any jackfruit tree lives for 60 to 70 years. That is 6 or 7 decades right there!


  • Production of jackfruit is a less challenging task. This is because jackfruit requires minimum care and is capable of thriving in different types of soils. One step further, jackfruit is resistant to pests and diseases, thus eliminating crop losses.


  • Not to miss, jackfruit is a miracle fruit, and the jackfruit tree; a high-yield tree. This is because a single jackfruit tree can yield hundreds of jackfruits in any given year.


  • What makes jackfruit a miracle fruit is the very fact that its high yield has helped combat hunger in many regions, thus making it pro-food security.


  • Over time, jackfruit has become famous as the world's largest fruit. That is because some jackfruits have grown as high as 80 pounds in weight and three feet in length.

Here’s hoping you had a good time reading through the 7 Sassy Facts about everyone's favorite jackfruit. Stay tuned as we unveil many more facets of jackfruits in our upcoming blogs.

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