Goodbye Food Waste - Ft. Jackfruit

Goodbye Food Waste - Ft. Jackfruit

Waste Management is a major environmental concern that we as a nation continue to fight even today. In fact, food waste has become a global crisis, tackling which now stands as a priority.

According to the statistics, around 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year. This comes to about $940 billion annually.

Of course, being present to this problem and reducing food wastage at an individual level is necessary. However, what is equally or more important is to turn to foods that are zero waste in nature.

At Wakao Foods, we are proud to bring to your notice the fact that jackfruit is one such zero-waste fruit. Let us now get to know how this becomes possible.


The Dual Usage:

In the case of most natural foods, you get to consume them only when ripe. This is not the case with jackfruits, as you can consume this fruit in both its ripe and unripe form.

This right here beats the challenge of food wastage. In its unripe form, jackfruit comes out as an excellent meat substitute. On the other hand, ripe jackfruits find their way into snacks and desserts.

Hence, we can say that jackfruit's adaptability helps make it a no-wastage food item.

Repeat Usage:

Speak of any natural food item, and you are forced to use it in one go, as storing it for long becomes challenging. This does not act as a hurdle in the case of jackfruits as it promises minimum spoilage.

You get to use jackfruit in small quantities, which can then be stored for future meals by freezing or canning. This means every time you wish to prepare a jackfruit delicacy, you need not use a new fruit. You can simply go back to the one you had stored earlier.

Long Shelf Life:

This acts as a natural advantage for jackfruits, which generally enjoys an extended shelf life. In the case of unripe jackfruits, these can be stored as a whole fruit at room temperature for several weeks.

Contrary to this, ripe jackfruits can be refrigerated for future use. Since jackfruits do not have to be consumed all at once, the chances of these contributing to the problem of food wastage become negligible.

Tapping on Jackfruit Seeds:

You may or may not know, but jackfruit seeds have a utility of their own too. These seeds are edible in nature and can thus be roasted or boiled for consumption.

Since every tiny part of jackfruit becomes suitable for consumption, food wastage is eliminated right there.

Indirect Contribution:

As we all know, traditional meat does not come with an extended shelf life. The same needs to be consumed within a specific time frame, failing which the products become waste. This only becomes another addition to the food waste challenge.

With jackfruit-based mock meats by Wakao Foods now in the market, meat-related wastage can be ended too.

Summing Up:

These shall definitely act as solid reasons for you to turn your attention to jackfruit-based products.

What better way than to start with ready-to-cook, jackfruit-based mock meat products from Wakao Foods?

Contribute to the Food Waste Challenge, the Wakao Way!

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