Jackfruits: A Go-to Nutrition profile for every vegan

Jackfruits: A Go-to Nutrition profile for every vegan

Veganism is a lifestyle people adopt in an attempt to eliminate dependence on animals for consumption, clothing, and entertainment. Even though the primary purpose behind becoming a vegan is ethical and environmental, veganism has its own set of health benefits too.

In fact, the very claim that vegans fail to get the right amount and type of nutrition becomes questionable with all the high-nutrition, vegan foods today available in the market. At the end of the day, it all comes down to making smart choices and educating oneself about this lifestyle.

 For instance, we at Wakao Foods recommend vegans to include the nutrition-rich jackfruit in their diet. What is even better is to opt for ready-to-cook options available with us, which are sure to take your taste buds on a roll.

Here’s why every vegan should say YES to jackfruits:

Getting the Basics Right:

In terms of nutrition, jackfruit is a 10/10 as far as its basic nutrient profile is concerned. One portion of jackfruit is sure to bless you with the best of Vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants.

Additionally, jackfruit possesses other minerals and vitamins in small quantities, including Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, calcium, and iron. If you are a vegan, you must consider munching on Wakao's Jacks.

Rich in Fiber:

If you are looking at developing healthier eating habits, a common suggestion is to include fiber-rich foods in your diet. With jackfruits, vegans are sorted in terms of fiber.

The rich dietary fiber present in jackfruits helps aid digestive health while taking care of health issues like constipation and irregular bowel movements. Thus, every vegan can be assured that with jackfruits around, their digestive health is in safe hands.

No calorie or fat-related worries:

If your motivation behind turning vegan is to get healthier and keep a check on your weight, jackfruit comes out a winner yet again.

This is because jackfruit is low in terms of calorie and fat content. This means you can have jackfruit often without having to worry about your health vitals. A balanced diet is guaranteed here.

Antioxidants Boost:

In times when chronic diseases have become a common scenario, jackfruit helps vegans by offering a cushion against oxidative stress and inflammation, which is otherwise responsible for such diseases.

Primarily, jackfruit is rich in various antioxidants such as carotenoids and flavonoids, which play a crucial role in neutralizing free radicals present in the human body.

A much-needed Energy Infusion:

Adopting veganism is easy, but maintaining it is difficult, at least in the initial period when you are not fully used to this new lifestyle. There may be occasions when you could feel weak or at a loss of energy.

That is where jackfruits can come to your rescue by offering a much-needed energy boost, all thanks to the natural sugars (fructose and sucrose) found in this fruit. 

With all the nutritional benefits of jackfruits listed above, this fruit becomes a must-eat for every vegan. In fact, non-vegans can enjoy this fruit too.

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